1. FOR OUR CHILDREN: Thirteen women tell their stories (2002)

Editor: Vanessa Witboot
Copy Editor: Shauna Westcott
Turning points – Marilyn Saffier
Inside job – Christine Alexander
Message in a bottle – Carla Finlay
What a lovely man! – Nompinda Kate
It has been a very hard road – Sumayah Güles
Candles in the wind – Jennifer Goldhawk
He likes his ugly jokes – Freda Warley
Daddy asked me to massage him’ – Nompinda Jane Erasmus
I can laugh now – Thembeka Dukuza
Your husband got married last night – Colleen Trichaardt
Empty hangers – Gheyria, Fakier
Control freak – Annemarie Wait
I was independent and credit-worthy – Daphne Smith
Price: R30.00

2. TORN APART: Thirteen refugees tell their stories (2003)

Editors: Shirley Gunn and Mary-Magdalene Tal
In transit – Papa Chris
Secrets I will never tell – Pitchou Kabeye
If I had one wish – Amina
Scandal geologique – Clement Madila
Green ID – Fani M.
Feeling sorry for myself just makes it worse – Collin Emmanuel
Black belt – The Pasco Lifetu Ran from Congo because of war – John Mutshipaye
No time to bury the dead, no time to cry – Johanna Bigirimana
The lost and the rich boy – Miguel Dieszhgardoz
Tree in the middle of the highway – Qurusumu Man of God – Moses Kabasele
Home is where you are accepted – Paul Green
Price: R50.00


3. The eye has never seen enough, the ear has never heard enough (2006)

Editors: Shirley Gunn and Zukiswa Khalipha
I need peace and reparations – Sipho Joseph Sixishe
I was not born like this – Xoliswa Matroos
Are we going to forget about the past? – Frans du Toit
They called him apartheid dog – Marlene Jafta
When days are dark, friends are few – Hubert Conradie
Listen to our plight – Zihle Goodman Ngesi
It seems we are forgotten – Meshack Kellem
Down with apartheid – Gertrude Louw Andiyazi – Joseph Phanya
No regrets – Nontsikelelo Mafilika
No Uhuru without economic freedom – Themba Maqhina
My whole career is gone – Geduld Jakops
Hope and promises – Katrienna Pyl
I clashed with the law in my youth for my rights – Philimon Carolus
I am a strong woman – Virginia Ciliwe Williams
Price: R30.00

4. The Story is Yours: The Choice is Yours – A media ethics manual for storytellers (2006)

Author: Bridget Pitt
Price: R30.00

Number of copies available: 10

5. LABOUR PAINS FOR THE NATION: Eight women workers share their stories (2007)

Editors: Shirley Gunn and Rachel Visser
The Silent Sufferers – Charlotte Petersen
Hardegat for my Rights – Lizzie Phike
Away with Slavery – Florence De Villiers
Pantsi Pondokkies Phantsi! – Darlina Tyawana
The White Apron – Myrtle Witbooi
Nothing comes on a Silver Platter – Pat Van Voore
Struggle shapes Character – Rachel Visser
Vir Botter of vir Wors – Sarah Claasen
Price: R50.00

6. IF TRESS COULD SPEAK: The Trojan Horse Story (2007)

Author: Shirley Gunn
It is still like cloudy weather
– Zodwa Mali
My heart was broken – Gordon Mali
Still paying damages – Tatana Fatman
Price: R50.00
Out of Print

7. KNOCKING ON: Mothers and daughters in struggle in South Africa (2008)

Editors: Shirlely Gunn and Sinazo Krwala
It’s my time – Shahida Issel
I am my father’s child – Leila Issel-Davids
I sang my way into the struggle – Jessica Sherman
Just the two of us – Zandi Sherman
Still struggling for our human rights – Sindiswa Nunu
My life then and now – Noluphiwo Kama
I no longer feared death – Mmule Mosupye-Mpakanyane
Nothing was too big or small for my mom – Bontle Mpakanyane
Dark, light and shades of grey – Aloma Matthews
Towards my memoirs – Irma Titus
Drawn lines – Judy Ann Seidman
A luta continua – Annie Neo Parsons
Price: R70.00

8. LOOKING INSIDE: Five South African stories of people living with Albinism (2009)

Editors: Shirley Gunn and Zukiswa Puwana
Dare to Dream – Vuyiswa Kama
A Shy Man – Vinkosi Sigwegwe
To be Brave Enough – Nomonde Ngcizela
I am a Human Being – Flesh and Spirit – Mandisi Bangelo
Through Thick and Thin – Lucky Jackson
Price: R50.00

9. EDGE OF THE TABLE: Fourteen Cape Flats Youths tell their life stories (2010)

Editors: Cara-Lee Arendse and Shirley Gunn
Still kicking – Noel Van Niekerk
Never give up – Neziswa Vava
Thanks to them – Lunga Guza
Maak die beste van die slegste – Robyn Marais
Bread on the table – Jean-Pierre Isaacs
Gone but not forgotten – Walter Chinyanga
Take your time young girl – Carmenita Van Harte
Stand up, stand out – Mario Van Niekerk
Choices we make – Marliska Tobias
Loxion mover – Mabhuti Bobo
What I went through – Andiswa Magazi
I and I – Leighlan Theunissen
Finding my little space in the sun – Bonita Blankenberg
Hard to believe – Sisa Nobanda
Price: R80.00 Number of copies available: Out of Print

10. TORN APART: Thirteen refugees retell their stories (2011)

Editor: Shirley Gunn
In transit (2003); Light at the end of the tunnel (2011) – Papa Chris
Secrets I will never tell (2003) – Pitchou Kabeye
If I had one wish (2003) – Amina;
Through the grace of the Almighty (2011) – Fatuma Clementine Ngoyi
‘Scandal geologique’ (2003); Floating in the air, belonging nowhere (2011) – Clement Madila
Green ID (2003) – Fani M.; Maroon
Sky (2011) – Epiphanie Mukasano
Feeling sorry for myself just makes it worse (2003) – Collin Emmanuel
Black belt (2003); We are all the same; we are struggling (2011) – Pasco Lifetu
‘Ran from Congo because of war’; Courage (2011) – Pasco Lifetu
No time to bury the dead, no time to cry (2003) – Johanna Bigirimana;
Hear my plea (2011) – Priscilla Cishahayo
The lost and the rich boy (2003) – Miguel Dieszhgardoz
Tree in the middle of the highway (2003) – Qurusumu
The wound is closing slowly (2011) – Zamda Sefu
Man of God (2003); What is past is past; looking to the future (2011) – Moses Kabasele
Home is where you are accepted (2003) – Paul Green
Price: R50.00

11. THEN LIGHT WENT BLACK: Six South African stories of people who became blind (2011)

Editors: Christopher Colvin, Shirley Gunn, Mayra Melo and Zukiswa Puwana
Potholed journey to independence – Nzuzo Qaji
I know how blue is – Grace Chaponda
The hawk and the chickens – Lovemore Zimba
In my time – Erica Phillips
I will not have any fears – Nokuzola Violet Tolibhadi
Light is light again – Lavina Raynardt
Price: R50.00

12. LIFELINES: Six South African stories of people with congenital blindness (2011)

Editors: Christopher Colvin, Shirley Gunn, Mayra Melo and Zukiswa Puwana
Reaching my dreams – Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu
Look us in the eyes, hear our crys – Malathisi Majija
Finding my little space in the sun – Bonita Blankenberg
The sky is the limit – Vincent Daniels
Corus for Change – Michael Kula
Following my in-sight – Malise Gloria Makhasi
Price: R50.00

13. UKUKHULULA AMATYATHANGA: Amabali amathandathu aseMzantsi Afrika abantu abanengxaki yokubona (2012)

Abahleli: Shirley Gunn, Zukiswa Puwana, Chris Colvin no Mayra Melo
Umguquli: Sindiwe Magona
Contributors: Ntinga ntakandini! – Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu
Ukhetshe namantshontsho – Lovemore Zimba
Qina uphuphe! – Vuyiswa Kama
Ndingumntu- inyama nomphefumlo – Mandisi Bangelo
Ndikholelwa kumbono endinawo – Balise Gloria Makhasi
Amahla ndinyuka ukuya enkululekweni – Nzuzo Qaji
Price: R50.00

14. Khangela Ngaphakathi (2013)

Abahleli: Shirley Gunn noZukiswa Puwana
Sindiwe Magona

Qina uphuphe! – Vuyiswa Kama
Indoda eneentioni – Vinkosi Sigwegwe
Ubugorha gqibi – Nomonde Ngcizela
Ndingumntuinyama nomphefumlo – Mandisi Bangelo
Nokuba sekunjani – Lucky Jackson
Price: R50.00

15. Understanding Albinism: An inherited and manageable condition and disability
(2013, 2014, 2017)

Author: Shirley Gunn
Price: R30.00

16. Where I Belong (2014) Children’s Literary reader series No 1

Authors: Bridget Pitt and Epiphanie Mukasano
Price: R30.00

17. VOICES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: Eighteen life stories from Umkhonto we Sizwe’s Ashley Kriel Detachment (2019)

Publisher: Penguin Books
Editors: Shirley Gunn and Shanil Haricharan
Truth Is Like a Cork – Shirley Gunn
The Last Order – Aneez Salie
The Fighting Spirit – Shanil Haricharan
No Time to Mourn – Melvin Bruintjies
Divine Hand – Mike Dearham
Holding the Fort – Kim Dearham
Beyond the Skyline – Ismail Vallie
Where It All Started – Julie Vallie
Claiming What Is Rightfully Ours – Mogamat Salie
Brother in Arms – Seiraaj Salie
An Unusual Suspect – Sidney Hendricks
Young in Arms – Vanessa November
The Sentinel – Dicki Meter
Loyalty Deep as the Ocean – Patrick Presence
Education for Liberation – Timothy Jacobs
Till the Sun Sets – Charles Martin
The Truth Will Set Us Free – Heinrich Magerman
No Greater Life – Charles Chordnum
Price: R200.00

18. Umoja Wamama Threads of our Lives (2020)

Editors: Shirley Gunn and Epiphanie Mukasano
A Woman’s Prayer – Alpho Kalubi
Finding my way – Celesiine Kampire
Changing dreams – Celine Ndayikeza
Making craft energises me – Epiphanie Mukasano
A tale of resistance – Fatuma Ngoyi
Making a difference – Feroza Cader
I am hope – Esperance Nibakure
Finding my own strengths – Hadija Msakamali
Khutala: always busy – Shirley Gunn
Holding precious memories – Theresa Mukankusi
Gathering strength – Hawa Mukamana
Everyone’s blood is red – Lina Madolo
Escaping grief, finding relief – Mapendo Rukwasho
Challenges of the pandemic – Olive Dusabimana
The struggle is not over – Sindiswa Ningiza
Learning from each other – Yvoonne Mapenzi
Handwork cools my mind ­– Jacqueline Sibomana
Prayer gives me strength – Judy Mbuthia
Always a perfectionist – Speciose Mukamucuzi
Blessed – Theresa Uwimana
Price: R50.00

19. Compreendendo O Albinsismo (2021)

Authored by Shirley Gunn
Research for Mozambique audience: Paula Cardoso and Shirley Gunn
Portugese translation:
Paula Cardoso
Price: R30.00


Trojan Horse Story – 6 posters (2007)
Price: R100


1. WE NEVER GIVE UP I (2002) & II (2012) & III (2021)

Director: Cahal MCLaughlin
Producer: Shirley Gunn
Cleo Visagie (I, II and III)
Charles Abrahams (I, II and III)
Berlina Dudu (I, II and III)
Monica Mayaphi (I, II and III)
Boniwe Phalaza (I, II and III)
Carl Bason (I, II and III); Jon de Vos (II; III)
Brian Mphahlele (I, II and III)
Mrs Truter (I);
Valerie Petersen (II and III)
Carl Weber (I, II and III)
Colin de Souze (I, II and III)
Skolweni Jantjie (I);
Thobekha Mpako (II)
Maureen Mazibuko (I and II):
Leon (III)

2. IN OUR SHOES (2009)

These interviews were filmed in Cape Town in 2006 and 2007. In May 2008, more that 60 people were killed and tens of thousands displaced in an outburst of xenophobic violence. Many refugees lost everything they owned. By the end of October 2008, the government closed all camps and safe place for refugees. There are still regular report of violent attacks on refugees across South Africa
In our shoes is a production of the Human Rights Media Centre
Production team:
Vaughan Giose, Imke Gooskens, Shirley Gunn

3. AS WE SEE IT (2017)

Directors: Sharon Farr and Shirley Gunn

Producer: Shirley Gunn Contributors: Vuyiswa Kama Delicia de Vos Sonele Ntsundwana Tono Blaai