In June 2009, Cahal McLaughlin, director of We never give up, returned to South Africa at the invitation of the HRMC and Khulumani Support Group Western Cape to film the sequel to We Never Give Up.

The methodology was in the form of panel research, interviewing the same storytellers featured in WNGU seven years later. The International Apartheid Lawsuit is featured with interviews with Charles Abrahams, Khulumani’s Lawyer in South Africa and with Khulumani members.

Since 2002 two storytellers have died, Mrs Truter of old age and Skolweni Dyantyi of a stroke at the age of forty-five. Their daughters were interviewed in their places.

The Rosa Luxumborg Stiftung committed limited funds to this documentary film project that includes the film’s launch in 2011. The University of Ulster has contributed generously. Fundraising is ongoing.

The HRMC conducted and translated the Xhosa interviews and is the producer. Cahal McLaughlin did the camera work in 2009 and is the director. He will be returning to South Africa in March to reconnect and update the footage.