The Foundation for Human Rights (FHR) is funding ongoing Survival Stories project work in 2011. HRMC and WWWA are collaborating to do panel research interviews the 14 storytellers in the book Torn Apart. The storytellers were interviewed for the book in 2002 and therefore the stories require updating. The 2011 interviews will be merged with the 2002 interviews, and will be published in the second edition in 2011.

Research is ongoing. The introduction in will be rewritten and will include information regarding Disability Grants for disabled refugees. The information at the back of Torn Apart, The background to the conflicts in Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Burundi and Rwanda, Where to apply for refugee status and Service providers in the Western Cape, will be updated.

The Foundation for Human Rights is also funding community dialogues, two community-driven wall murals and book launches of the second edition of Torn Apart. Watch this space!