Womens Day event 2010


The Human Rights Media Centre (HRMC) held a special event to mark its 10th birthday and Women’s Day on Monday 9 August. It took place at the old Slave Church in Long Street, Cape Town, a provincial heritage site.

There were two parts to the programme. Firstly, nine women shared snippets of their life stories that have been published over the ten years. The women included: Marilyn Saffier: Turning points in For our children; thirteen women share the stories (2002), Priscilla Chisanhanyo: No time to bury the dead, no time to cry in Torn Apart, thirteen refugees share their stories (2003); Florence De Villiers: Away with slavery in Labour Pains for the nation: Eight women workers share their stories (2007); Zodwa Mali: It is still like cloudy weather in If trees could speak: the Trojan Horse Story (2007); Lillianne Limanyande: In our shoes documentary film; Aloma Matthews: Dark light and shades of grey and Irma Titus: Towards my memoirs in Knocking on… mothers and daughters in struggle in South Africa; Vuyiswa Kama: Dare to dream in Looking Inside: Five South African stories of people living with albinism (2009) and Carmenita Van Harte: Take your time young girl (to be launched on 5 December, 2010).

After this, three wise women, Mary Burton, former TRC commissioner and Black Sash stalwart, Mary Tal, from the Cameroon and coordinator of the HRMC’s refugee project for many years, and Matilda Smith, human rights lawyer and HRMC board member, responded to the testimonies within the theme THE RIGHT TO MEMORY, HISTORY AND HER STORY.

One hundred and seventy-three guests attended it. Everyone received a copy of For our children, a T-shirt and a poster specially designed and printed for the women’s day event in brown paper ‘party-packs’. Malika Ndlovu and Tina Schouw performed and sung, Epiphanie Musasano read her poetry, and guests enjoyed hot soup and rolls afterwards.

The theme THE RIGHT TO MEMORY, HISTORY AND HER STORY will be carried forward as the HRMC continues to focus on women’s testimonies into the next decade. Thanks to Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung for supporting this memorable celebration. 


International Apartheid Lawsuit
The Point of the Truth – March 2008

The HRMC organised an international public book presentation and discussion titled Justice and Reparations: The Point of the Truth. Marina Peterhans, an intern with the HRMC from Switzerland, was the event co-ordinator. It began with Georg Kreis presenting the book he edited titled Switzerland and South Africa 1948–1994. The second half of the event was a panel discsussion on the International Apartheid Lawsuit which included Charles Abrahams (Khulumani lawyer), Sakwe Balintulo (Plaintiff), Marcha Madurin and Barbara Muller (researchers and activists in the Swiss Apartheid Debt and Reparation Campaign).

Invitation to panel discussion and book presentation

Truter Tombstone Unveiling – Human Rights Day 2004

In 2004, Relatives for Justice, an NGO in Belfast, Northern Ireland raised funds for Christopher's tombstone after watching Mrs Truter's testimony in We Never Give Up at the Belfast Film Festival in 2003. With additional fundraising in Cape Town the tombstone was unveiled at the Maitland Cemetery on Human Rights Day, 2004 and a special service was held at St John the Baptist Church in Bonteheuwel.

Before: Mr and Mrs Truter standing at Christopher's grave for the film 'We never give up' (2002). After: Mr and Mrs Truter standing at the head of Christopher's tombstone, 21 March 2004.