Through our work we have seen how life stories can heal, inform and teach, but we have also learnt the importance of respecting human rights and dignity when gathering and publishing personal stories.

Sarah Stuurman, an intern with the Human Rights Media Centre from June to September 2005 did the background research for the book published in 2006 titled The Story is Yours, The Choice is Yours: Media Ethics for Storytellers.

She interviewed a range of employees of human rights NGOs and CBOs operating in the Western Cape, the findings of which helped shape a user-friendly illustrated workbook on media ethics. The title of her research is The Right to Privacy, The Power to Tell: a subject-based ethical approach to life stories and the media

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Book: The Story is Yours, The Choice is Yours (2006)
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Bridget Pitt was commissioned to author the booklet The Story is Yours, The Choice is Yours drawing on the research findings of Sarah Stuurman's study. It is a useful handbook and our approach is to inform potential storytellers of their media rights as contained in the booklet before involving themselves in narrative projects.