Our projects, mostly on-going, highlight important and current human rights issues with a focus on: victims of gross human rights violations during apartheid, children, youth, media ethics, disability, African asylum seekers and refugees, community history, oral history and media training for social awareness, women workers, apartheid intergenerational impact.

Through these projects a platform is created for stories to be heard, read and seen in books, documentary films, multi-media exhibitions and presentations, murals, memorials, posters and other print campaigns and radio programmes. Specialised oral history and media training workshops and courses are offered for community activists from human rights organisations.

All projects are co-ordinated by full-time staff members, and short term contracted staff when needed. Partnerships with NGOs with similar aims are forged on a project-by-project basis.

The focus of our work has been in rural and urban Western Cape. However, we also collaborate with partners in other provinces and on the continent.

Processes and outcomes of 12 of the past and present core HRMC projects are listed on this site.